Ra’is Spotter



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Ra’is Fishing has developed its own design methodology, innovations that makes use of advanced technologies and allow a complex integrated control of each functional aspect of the baits. ¬†From concept design and computer simulations, to the final form, Ra’is swimming/movement and finishing details are made with the highest quality materials.

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The Spotter slug allows a versatile and effective animation in any fishing style, thanks to the innovative hydrodynamic design and an extreme vitality in any type and speed of retrieve. The high density compounds, durable soft and elastic, guarantee very attractive and continuous vibrations with different frequencies. The bait responds easily and acutely to movement imparted by the angler allowing maximum customisation of animation in difficult situations, has a sinuous swimming, sudden changes of direction that can induce attack of predators apathetic and selective. Giving life to the Rais Spotter, erratic swimming or frenetic action, ground fishing, suspensions, river currents or seas, will be a simple game, direct and full of surprises. It reproduces extremely realistic and responsive swimming a needlefish, eel or other baitfish. Thanks to the lowered head and the perfect balance, can be cast and skipped far away and swim perfectly even without additional weights. The colours have been carefully developed and divided into different series, depending on environments and types of presentations; many details, iridescent pigments, 3D sculpted elements, prominent elements extremely priming and painting done by hand, piece by piece. A transparent coating layer makes the bait more durable and exceptionally brilliant, providing great ease of presentation in any environment.

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Weight 0.114 kg

5" (13cm – 7gr), 7" (18cm – 14gr


R1-moonlight, R2-deepblue, R3-sandyrush, R4-mossy, R5-feeding, R6-tony'smood, R7-sorrento, R8-stoneriver, R9-rocky, R10-sulphur, R11-livebait, R12-groundzero, R13-sunrise, R14-needle

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