The Original Plug Belt


Plug Belt is a utility belt for plug and lure fishing and is designed with more adventurous fishermen in mind. It combines the freedom and hands-free convenience of a belt with the idea of plastic tubes to hold lures. Plug Belt has the look of a gun belt with the loops carefully positioned around the waist of the belt as to not interfere with the movements of the fisherman. An extra elastic loop and an eyelet have both been added to hold additional fishing tools. The plastic tube lure holders are slotted securely through the loops in the belt and have rubber security rings both above and below the loop to ensure that the tubes will never fall out. Both the plug at the bottom of the tube and the tube caps at the top are removable for ease of cleaning. However, the cap is attached to the upper rubber ring so it cannot be dropped in the sea and lost when changing your lure in situ.

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The materials used to make Plug Belt were chosen for their resilience to sea water and can also be found in the other marine industries such as surfing, kayaking and sailing. The Plug Belt is made from strong nylon strapping used in the manufacturing of rucksacks, surfboard bags and car roof-rack straps. The belt also has a hard-wearing plastic quick- release buckle. The lure-holding tubes are made from clear plastic tubing, this helps the fisherman to identify his lure with one glance. The cap on the top and bottom of the tubes are both made from a flexible moulded plastic to ensure they will never crack or spilt and will form a watertight fit. Plug Belt can be completely submerged without worry as all of the materials are salt water resistant. It’s ideal for the wading fisherman or kayaking in rough seas. The Plug Belt will be truly life changing for many fishermen who love to move around, investigate and explore the areas they fish. It allows fishermen to carry six to 12 of their favourite lures/plugs everywhere they go, changing or replacing their lost lures where they stand. No more running back across rocks or up the beach, only then to have to rummage through bags and boxes just to find the lure you need. Most fishermen will know how annoying it is to get the hooks from lures stuck in clothes, equipment or fingers. With a retail price of £39.99 the Plug Belt is sure to catch on with anglers and will save them lots of time when fishing. Plugbelt comes in two different sizes the smaller size is up to 43" thats 109cm and the larger size is up to 54" thats 137cm. please specify the size belt you require when checking out your order.