The Original Plug Rack


Plugrack is a lure storage system for kayaks, canoes and other fishing vessels. It combines the freedom of hands-free fishing with the idea of plastic tubes to hold your lures. Plugrack can be attached to any part of the vessel keeping your favourite lures within arms reach of your fishing position. The plastic tube lure holders are slotted securely through the loops in the rack and have rubber security rings both above and below the loop to ensure that the tubes will never fall out. Both the plug at the bottom of the tube, the tube caps at the top as well as the entire strip of tubes can be removed for ease of cleaning. However, the cap is attached to the upper rubber ring so it cannot be dropped in the sea and lost when changing your lure in situ.

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The materials used to make Plugrack were chosen for their resilience to sea water and can also be found in the other marine industries such as surfing, diving and sailing. All of the components used in the manufacture of the Plugrack are salt water resistant. The Plugrack is held to your craft by ultra strong adhesive velcro and has the additional option of a rubber, grommet and stainless steel bolt fixing at each end. The lure-holding tubes are made from clear plastic. This helps the fisherman to identify his lure with one glance. The caps on the top and bottom of the tubes are both made from a flexible moulded plastic to ensure they will never crack or spilt and will form a watertight fit. Plugrack can be completely submerged without worry and will float on the surface. It's ideal for kayaking and canoeing in turbulent waters. With a retail price of £39.99 the Plugrack is an essential tool for the offshore fisherman. Plugrack comes in two different models, right or left, depending on which side of the vessel you wish to keep your lures.